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There are market message systems published by the EPIAS (Energy Markets Operations Inc.) transparency platform. The market message system is the section where facility, fault and maintenance messages are announced to the participants in the production, consumption and transmission categories. In this section, WPPs and dates that were due to bad weather conditions and related disruptions were selected via the market message system. A comparison of the conditions whose consistency with the Urclimate_Score data was recorded at these times was made. In this case, the consistency between the messages published by EPIAS in the fields in the past and the weather data was presented in tables.

Failure of WPP Turbines to Operate Due to Icing

Süloğlu WPP is located in Kırklareli. The icing that started at 11:58 hours on 24/03/2018 prevented WPPs from operating for about 2 days. If the air temperature in the field is below zero, icing is seen.

When compared with the Urclimate_Score database, it is seen that the temperature values are below zero degrees. Meteorological data for this date are as follows. Due to the icing on the blades of the WPP turbines, outages were experienced due to bad weather conditions. At the same time, the weather conditions are not suitable for someone who will go to maintenance in the field.

Icing conditions can be calculated by considering the heaters used in turbine blades, heat convection on the blade surface depending on wind speed, outdoor temperature and relative humidity. All the information used for energy production estimation is used to determine the time periods when turbines cannot operate, providing a qualified insight for balance group responsibles during energy trade. Using historical data for the determined site, the inoperability conditions of the sites are reported within seconds for 8760 hours.

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