Meteorological Risks Under Allianz Insurance Control!

In today’s conditions, risk management is an inevitable process for a business to continue its life in a healthy way. If companies are aware of their risks and can be prepared in advance, they are least affected by the risks that occur.

If one is not cautious about the risks, when the event occurs, it can turn into crises that threaten that organization. Crises can occur anywhere, anytime, for any number of reasons. They disrupt normal business operations and have the potential to damage reputation. Considering the effects of the situation to be experienced, all these can result in disasters for companies. “There is an unavoidable need for us to further improve the existing infrastructure for data-based decision making in risk analysis.” Allianz Turkey Risk Engineering Department managers explained the importance of this issue from their own perspectives and shared how they turned the database presented with “UrClimate Risk Score” into benefit:

The foundation of our work in the insurance industry is based on risk management. For this reason, as an industry, we look at the possible risks with a long-term foresight and we are always prepared for the measures that should be taken before the risk occurs. As Allianz Turkey, in many of our corporate facilities; We examine how measures are taken against risks such as earthquakes, floods, storms and hail in the context of natural disasters, both through site visits and within the framework of standards. After these examinations, we mature together the additional measures that can be taken in order to minimize the risks of our customers…


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